The Asian Century is here and the Asia Pacific region is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth and business / investment opportunities. 

Rich in diversity of cultures and languages, the region is drawing global attention.  ASEAN countries form a market of over 600 million consumers and a combined GDP of almost US $3 trillion and presents unprecedented economic prospects for entrepreneurs. 

The world needs to do business in the region, but it is not easy to access and in many cases success has been built and achieved on a platform of strategic introductions and connections.

Although the ease of doing business has been significantly improved through FTAs, etc – there is a very clear gap and demand that is rapidly emerging by business owners for assistance to connect then with like minded entrepreneurs or prospective investors to capitalise on opportunities in home markets and internationally. 

Business owners and investors appreciate the need to broaden their commercial ASEAN horizons and to assist them in attaining their goals, are seeking the services of professionals that can provide those all important linkages and door openers.  

Connect ASEAN is an Australian headquartered specialist business consultancy dedicated to connecting small and medium business owners on a B2B level to commercial, investment, M&A, JV and partnership opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

To see how your company will benefit from a connection or introduction to a potential business partner, distributor or investor contact Connect ASEAN your commercial bridge connecting businesses to commercial and investment opportunities in the region.

The benefits of capitalising on Australia ASEAN B2B opportunities are immense and includes:

  • - Asia is a beacon of growth
  • - 83% of companies in the region expect to meet or exceed their financial and strategic objectives over the next three years
  • - Financial services and insurance companies in Asia are more bullish
  • - Optimism for the future is high
  • - Finding good local talent is extremely challenging
  • - Australian businesses are renowned for their application of technology and efficient work practices and access to a local market that is amongst the world’s top ten most affluent nations – attributes that make them very attractive for JVs, acquisition or partnership