Connect Malaysia is part of the Connect ASEAN organisation and was established to assist Australian and Malaysian SMEs to connect and engage in international commercial and bilateral trade activities.

International trade between Australia and Malaysia achieved a significant milestone with the implementation of the Malaysia Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) in January 2013. Under the FTA 97.6% of Australian goods to Malaysia were able to be exported tariff-free and this will increase to 99% by 2017. The services sector also benefited immensely and Australian investment gained access via increased foreign ownership in key sectors and industries.

Since MAFTA, Australia-Malaysia economic and cultural links have deepened and come together in a closer relationship and now Malaysia is Australia’s 8th largest trading partner. Today the FTA is a beacon for Australian and Malaysian SMEs encouraging them to connect on a P2P and B2B level and expand their operations in JV and commercial operations of mutual benefit.

As well as a rapidly growing and affluent middle class, Malaysia’s strategic geographical position within Asia Pacific makes it the ideal destination for a regional hub into the markets of ASEAN and beyond. A further incentive attracting Australian businesses is Malaysia’s pro business infrastructure that welcomes those operations that can fit into and support the nation’s Vision 2020 aspirations.

The bilateral trade relationship has provided many opportunities for Malaysian entrepreneurs to market their goods and services in one of the top 10 most affluent countries in the world. F & B businesses and franchises have been especially successful with well known and iconic brands such as OLDTOWN White Coffee appearing in Australian cities and shopping centres.

Other Malaysian brands doing well in Australia include AirAsia and property groups YTL, Setia and UEM.

Boost Juice, Gloria Jeans Coffee and Linfox are among a growing number of high profile Australian brands that have expanded their operations into Malaysia and are operating successfully.

Since its inception, Connect Malaysia has quickly established itself as the ‘go to organisation’ for SMEs seeking to find a JV partner or explore export / commercial opportunities in Malaysia.

To find out how Connect Malaysia can assist your business to access the markets and opportunities in Malaysia – please contact Principal Consultant Joe Perri.

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